The Straumann® CADCAM solution offers quality, flexibility and efficiency. We scan the model in the laboratory, model the framework in the etkon™_visual software, choose from a variety of modern materials, and – with only one click – we can send the data via internet to the Straumann CADCAM production center. The finished high-precision copings, large-span bridge frameworks, customized abutments and further restorative solutions will be sent to us shortly after.

Today, with the use of CADCAM technology the range of available materials has increased dramatically. Centralized production can be used with virtually every material. Aesthetically pleasing and biocompatible ceramics such as zirconium dioxide can be processed with precision.
 CAD / CAM Solutions
After 10 years of clinical studies and more than 5,000,000 Procera type restorations, Nobel Biocare finally introduced Procera Forte, the newest and top-of-range scanner for handling larger cases including bridges, soft tissue margin, adjacent teeth and bite registration.

Along with the the new Procera Forte scanner, Nobel Biocare launched an updated version of its Procera Software. This new version incorporates the possiblitity to a CAD option for designing one-piece bridges in a virtual 3D environment.